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Our Mission & Values

Here at Issa Vibe Cafe, we pay attention to every step in the process of quality and high end expectations and have partnered with Onyx Coffee Labs exclusively  to provide our roasting needs. Onyx has similar expectations & passion that we carry and absolutely love our relationship with them. 


  Our baristas & line cooks go through extensive training to both understand our coffees & food expectations and also to prepare them well. Apart from coffee & food, we want our Guest experience to be such that regardless of what you know about coffee or food you are welcome and comfortable in our environment. 


  We consider ourselves a High End Cafe’. We believe in high quality ingredients, the majority of our menu is made fresh.  We believe in excellence in the experience from before you walk in until you leave, stimulating all the senses. We provide excellent service to our Guests, great music and a Vibe everywhere you turn. 


          Hospitality goes beyond just a smile at the register. Hospitality begins with letting our Guests know that you are on their side of the counter with them. Whether they have questions about our coffee, food or cafe or whether they simply want to be left alone, we strive to meet them where they are at.


We want our teammates to know our Guests, to know that they should serve a family with small kids, their kids drink first and the parents second so that the kids can sit and be occupied for a few minutes. We want our teammates to know what regulars will order and how they like it served. We also want our teammates to know and care about each other. We truly are a team and everything we do takes a village to do.


We believe we can always get better. We consider ourselves to be a learned coffee / food professional, and are constantly learning new things and trying to improve both our coffee & food experience. We hope to eventually grow and expand. 


We hope that you absolutely love your experience at Issa Vibe Cafe! 




Jeremy & Christa Gallo

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